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Our Policies

Dear Customers,

Thank you for taking music lessons with MIGA Music Inc.

MIGA Music Inc. is committed to provide qualified teachers, dedicated space and the know-how to achieve your goals in music education.

To be able to fulfill our commitments to both our students and our teachers, we put the following policies in place:

COVID-19 Policies

Effective June 16, 2020

MIGA Music is re-opening starting June 22nd, 2020. Our focus is to resume providing music lessons in a very safe environment, where we greatly minimize any chance of transmitting any illness via airborne particles or surface contamination. To achieve our these goals, we have implemented some new policies, that can be categorized into

• Health Precautions,
• Logistical Changes, and
• Financial Considerations.

Please note, that the policies below are implemented effective immediately (as of June 16th, 2020) and are in addition to our existing policies. However, where needed, they also override and supersede any conflicting policies we may have had in place prior to June 16th, 2020.