Summer Camp

Summer Camp

One of the groups at our 2016 Summer Camp. The program of our concert outlined on the white board in the background. It is amazing what students of music can do when they are put together in a group – each student naturally produces their best. The result: An amazing performance, happy campers and happy parents! Our Summer Camp program focuses on songwriting and performing live, in a group setting.

How to Write a Song

Songwriting has it’s own intricacies. Did you ever try to figure out what does it take to conquer the world by a song like “Gangnam Style” or “Sorry”? Well, other than having a great deal of good luck, keeping with some basic rules of song writing certainly helps. Our instructors provided insights to such subjects as song structure, title and story line, chord progressions, rhythm and rhyme. Based on this, our campers wrote a song, that they performed for their parents at the end of the camp.

Happy Campers

Our Friday concert for parents took place at the McLean Community Centre in Ajax. These are the members of one of our musical groups that went from meeting each other on Monday to forming bonds and friendships to performing a song as a group Friday afternoon.

Our Volunteers

Seeing the campers perform, our camp counselors (long time students of MIGA Music) did not want to miss the opportunity to participate. They actually wrote a rap-song about their experience at the camp. The performance was on fire!

Summer Camp Registration

Registrations for our Summer Camp typically start in February. Yep, early bird gets the prize! February prices are discounted, and so are prices for our returning or existing students. Our outstanding recital performers are awarded a scholarship. Please contact our studio’s reception services to enroll:

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